Saluki Innovation Competition - 2015


By William Blankenship

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Please provide a few sentences to sum up the most important aspects of your App.

With the ofCourse Android application, we look to solve the problem of organizing your homework, quizzes, tests, and even general tasks in an easy-to-read and easily accessible android application. ofCourse keeps track of your school schedule and assignments/exams using Google Calendar so your schedule can be accessed anywhere. When you add an assignment to one of your classes, any of your classmates who also use the app will get a notificiation asking if they too want to add that assignment to their calendar.


Please provide a description of your App in 500-1,000 words. Be sure to include at least 1) what it does, 2) why people will want it (benefits), and 3) how you will sustain it (explain business model).

Patrick Brown:
Computer Science PhD Canidate

Drew Murphey:
Computer Science

Jake Boch:
Computer Science


Primary Contact


  • William Blankenship



Team Members


  • Patrick Brown


    PhD Candidate at SIUC.

  • Drew Murphy


    Senior Computer Science at SIUC. Software Engineer at Cerner.

  • Jake Bock


    Sophomore Computer Science Major at SIUC